Thursday, December 17, 2015

A Reindeer Needle Felting Workshop by Facci Designs

I taught a private needle felting class the other night and wasn't sure what to make at first. It had to be simple, fun and festive. Oh deer, what to make? Reindeer's would be perfect! I had all the right colors, all I needed was something for the antlers. So, I went to the park and collected some small branches and attached them with glue. We made some festive scarves and a herd was formed. I think my student's did a fantastic job!

If anyone in New York, Queens or Brooklyn NY is interested in learning, please reach out.

My student's work: Reindeer

Facci Designs needle felting workshop: student's work

Facci Designs needle felting workshop: student's work

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Needle Felted Ornaments

I just loving creating these little fellas!
Facci Designs Dog Ornaments
Facci Designs Dog Ornament

Thursday, December 3, 2015

Creating Art and Zen with an Enso Board

During these hectic holidays, de-stressing is something many people need to do more of. With Enso, by Buddha Board, you can achieve this! Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. Enso is a cool reusable board you can paint on with a water brush. As the water slowly evaporates, your art magically disappears allowing you to create a whole new masterpiece.  The simple act of drawing a brush stroke on this board and then watching disappear is so soothing and relaxing. You gotta try it. You can purchase one here

It comes with a refillable water brush that just uses good ole' room temperature water. How simple is that? Now, all you need is some imagination...

The packaging and the board are so sleek looking!
Gently paint on the surface with your water brush and your art appears in bold design
Create flowers, dots, circles, anything you like...
And, then it slowly disappears. Now you're ready for your next masterpiece!

Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DIY: How to make a cute cupcake wrapper holiday wreath

This holiday cupcake wrapper wreath is a great kid's craft, so easy and fun. Be sure to hang it inside to protect it from the weather.

Supplies Needed:

• Approximately 36 green cupcake wrappers for a 16" circle (a combination of foil and paper look best and add some nice dimension and color)
• 5 mini red foil cupcake wrappers
• Foam core (cardboard or a styrofoam wreath will work too!)
• 1 large plate, 1 smaller plate
• Pencil
• Craft Knife
• Glue Gun
• Bow
• Velcro or sticky back tape for hanging

I used a large plate to draw a circle on my foam core, then placed a smaller plate in center and traced around that. You want to have at least a 2 inch surface to glue your wrappers to. Cut out your wreath template with a craft knife.

Flatten out your cupcake liners, then pinch them in the middle to scrunch them up.
You'll need about 36-40 green cupcake liners.
Place some glue on the back side of your liners and start pressing them onto your foam core circle. Layer as you go, alternating colors.

Scrunch up your red cupcake wrappers for your "berries". Glue on top of wreath in about 5 spots.

facci designs holiday cupcake wrapper wreath

This wreath is so lightweight, you can practically tape it to a wall. I added sticky-back velcro tape to mine. Add a bow to top it off!

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Custom Needle Felted Dog Ornaments

FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY!A pet portrait holiday ornament of your favorite pal. Smaller and less detailed than my custom dogs, but just as precious. Makes a great gift! Order one here

Custom Needle Felted Dog Ornament - Facci Designs

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Making simple dessert cups with Cuplettes

Cuplettes are unique silicon baking trays that come with attachable smaller cups that snap in place after filling the larger cup. They come in two sizes. I'm using the smaller ones for these dessert cups. You have to get these, they're so cool, easy and fun. You can buy them here

 Click here to get the full instructions.

Cuplettes Dessert Cups

Cuplettes Dessert Cups

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

DIY: Herb Scented Place Cards

Here's a simple, last minute Place Card DIY project.

You'll probably have all the materials on hand come Thanksgiving Day. Like card stock or heavy paper and your typical holiday herbs like Rosemary, Thyme and Sage...even a sprig of dried flowers will do.

I created my cards in a design program and printed on white card stock, but you can simply use card stock in any color and cut into 3 1/4  x  2 3/4 pieces, then fold in half. (I scored mine for a cleaner fold.) Use a hole puncher or poke a small hole in the middle of the fold with the tip of a scissor or knife. Write the name of your guest on the front.

Try using a gold marker for a touch of sparkle.

 Insert your sprig of choice, place your card on the table and enjoy the aroma of the holidays.

TRY THIS on the BACK of the CARD
• Have your guests write what they're thankful for. 

• Write why you're thankful for their friendship.

• Write their name on both never know if the person sitting across from them has the best memory!

• Or simply write "Give Thanks".

Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 15, 2015

Darby Smart & Gap Holiday Gift Tag Contest

Darby Smart, the do-it-yourself project and craft supply site, has partnered with Gap to do a design contest.

Darby Smart is designing a series of holiday gift tags for the Gap and their designers get to come up with the designs. The best 5 will be featured (including their name and brand) in holiday boxes in their stores. The best 5 are based on most voted. 

Being a Darby Smart designer, I was personally invited to participate.  I have so many ideas and can enter as much as I want. Here is what I have so far! It's a standard size tag and will be printed in black and white. #gapxdarbysmart. I hope I win!! You have to sign into Darby Smart to vote, so if you have the time, go here and do it! :) It would be much appreciated.

Facci Designs DarbySmart & Gap Holiday Gift Tag Entries

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thanksgiving Entertaining and Decorating Tips

Looking for some entertaining and decorating ideas for a fabulous Thanksgiving? Christopher Knight (of Brady Bunch fame) now has his own online home furnishings collection. He also has a blog with some great tips. They recently posted Tips for a Fabulous Thanksgiving and included my pine cone candle holders. So, check it out here

 Click here for Making Pine Cone Candle Holders DIY Craft Video

Saturday, November 7, 2015

A skull scarf & silk top designed by Facci Designs

Just the other day I received an email invitation from VIDA, a Google Ventures backed company that collaborates between designers and makers around the world to bring original, inspiring apparel and accessories to you.

They wanted me to collaborate with them on transforming my artwork into luxury fashion and apparel products. They work directly with artists from around the globe to convert their design vision into beautiful, quality tops and scarves. For every VIDA product sold, they offer literacy programs for their makers in Pakistan. Isn't that great?! And, the designer receives a portion of the net sales for every design sold. Use code Voicesinsider for 15% off!

So, I had to jump at the chance. My first designs are now available HERE. I decided to create something a bit edgy with a skull I illustrated. I feel the skull icon is hip and just doesn't seem to go out of style... I figured it's a good start.

There is a soft, luxurious scarf available with a my skull ombré pattern HERE

Facci Designs Ombre Skull Scarf

And a sleeveless silk top with a flattering A-line and a rounded asymmetric hem HERE

This design started as a rubber stamp I carved for a previous project. I stamped it on brown leather in silver ink, photographed it then brought that image into photoshop. I played around with some filters and then enlarged it. Viola! A Facci Original.

Facci Designs Skull Silk Top

I hope you like my first designs and I would love for you to wear a Facci original!! With the holiday's coming up, why not purchase a few for your friends?! :) Check back on the site for more designs.

Happy Shopping and thank you! Click here to order.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Cuplettes: What to do with your Thanksgiving leftovers

I know it's a bit early to be thinking about your Thanksgiving leftovers but I found these Cuplettes and think they're the perfect solution. Cuplettes are unique silicon baking trays that come with attachable smaller cups that snap in place after filling the larger cup. They come in two sizes, a larger version for more savory treats and a smaller size for desserts and appetizers. In just a few minutes, you'll have a Cuplettes creation with a fillable hole. You can buy them here

They're great for entertaining and the possibilities are endless.

I added some stuffing to the larger cup. Tip: you'll need a moist stuffing so I added an egg to mine. I then placed the smaller cup on top and layered it with sweet potato, turkey, cranberry sauce, sweet potato and then topped it off with some mini marshmallows. Baked at 350° for about 20-30 minutes.
Let the cups cool down a bit before unsnapping them.
Remove each filling from their cuplette and place sweet potato mixture inside stuffing cup.

I added some gravy to mine and sliced right into it. Yum!! I can't wait to create more recipes.

For step-by-step instructions, click here

Friday, October 2, 2015

DIY: How to make Halloween cupcake liner and coffee filter ghosts

This has got to be the easiest craft...scary easy, I've come up with for Halloween. Gather the kids and have some fun! Let them draw some funny or scary ghosts. Remember, only use BATTERY OPERATED VOTIVES.

1. Gather your supplies:
White Cupcake Liners
White Coffee Filters
Battery Operated Votives
Black Sharpie Marker

2. Flatten our your liners and filters

3. Draw a ghost face off-center of the middle of your liner and filter. 3 long dots does the trick...or treat!

4. Scrunch the paper over your fingers to form a tubular shape

5. Place over your battery operated votive

6. Enjoy the Booootiful Glow 

Happy Halloween!

Monday, September 21, 2015

DIY: How to paint and distress a piece of furniture

Got these cool old desk for free so I figured I would give it a face lift. Learn how to do it yourself.

Facci Designs Distressed Furniture DIY
1. Gather your supplies:
    Blue paint
    Black paint
    Optional: Wood Filler
    Optional: New Hardware
    Optional: Drill
2. Remove hardware.
3. Lightly sand entire desk with medium grade sandpaper so paint adheres to desk. At this point, if you're going to change the hardware and need new holes, fill the old holes with wood filler, let dry, then sand. You will need to drill a new hole if you are changing the position.
4. Paint entire desk in your base coat color. Let dry. Add a little black paint to sponge and lightly wipe the desk down in long strokes.
5. Wipe off excess or add more for the effect you want. I wanted it just a bit darker, so I didn't add too much paint.
6. Once dry, sand the corners, edges and areas where there would be natural wear and tear. 

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

How to age a mirror without harsh chemicals

I have seen many projects online to age a mirror but most use an acid to remove part of the mirror... which didn't thrill me! I found common household bleach does the trick just as well.

If you were to flip over a mirror, you would see it's usually covered with a gray coating. Under the gray, there is a copper coating. This copper coating (it's sometimes a different color) is on top of a piece of clear glass. The copper coating is what makes the glass a reflective mirror. I had this cubby hole in my kitchen that I thought would be a perfect spot for my mirror project.
My Before and After Aged Mirror Project
 Learn how to do it yourself!

How to age a mirror without harsh chemicals. Facci Designs

1. Gather your supplies:
• Mirror
• Clorox Bleach
• Paint Scraper
• Paint Remover
• Gloves and rags
• Spray bottle
• Paint brush
• Black or dark gray spray paint

2. Work in an open, well-ventilated area. Here I am applying my paint remover...I should be wearing my gloves.
3. To remove the gray backing of your mirror to expose the copper-colored coating that covers your piece of glass, flip your mirror over and brush your paint remover onto the back completely covering the surface. Let set to manufacturers directions. Hint: Don't let it set too long, you want to remove all of the gray coating, but sometimes if you leave your paint remover on too long, it will remover the copper coating as well.
4. Here you can see how the paint remover has's time to remove it.
5. Even though I'm using a pretty safe paint remover, I still want to wear my gloves. Remove all of the paint remover with your scraper to reveal the copper underneath. Safely discard the remover. Clean off the excess of paint remover with a damp paper towel.
6. Add some bleach to a spray bottle and spray sparingly along the edges of your mirror...or wherever you want your mirror to look aged. The edges is where old mirror would've aged first. Let sit for a bit then wipe or dab off. (Maybe a few seconds to a minute) You can always wipe off a little to see if the bleach has removed the copper. If not, just spray some more.
7. This is what the bleach did to the surface. You want to be able to see through those spots to reveal clear glass.
8. Once you're happy with the amount of "spots" you removed, now it's time to paint over them. Wipe dry and spray entire back of mirror with black spray paint. You can also use a dark gray paint. Let dry. Your mirror is ready to be framed or used however you like.

I placed my mirror in a cubby, installed a shelf and to display some vintage glasses

Thursday, August 13, 2015

How to make a cute chalk cloth framed memo board

I have this huge roll of chalk cloth I purchased years ago, so I'm always trying to find new ways to use it.

This is a simple project I created with some things around my house. This would make a cute back to school project as well.

Facci Designs Chalk Cloth Memo Frame

1. Gather your supplies: Chalk cloth, wood frame, chalk, string, tape, scissor, tack, pencil
2. Remove the glass and the cardboard backing from the picture frame, place the glass onto your chalk cloth and trace around the glass.
3. Cut out your chalk cloth
4. Before you write on your chalk cloth, you have to prep it. Do this by running your chalk back and forth, up and down on the cloth. Remove with a clean cloth. It's now ready to use.
5. Tape your cloth around the edges to the piece of glass. (Chalk cloth faces out)
6. With the chalk cloth facing out, place the glass back into your frame. Put the cardboard backing back in the frame to secure glass.
7. Tie a piece of string around your chalk. Make sure string is long enough for you to grab and write.
8. Press a tack into the corner of the frame This frame happened to have a space, so I just placed it in there. Tie other end of string to tack.
Hang your frame on a wall or place on a tabletop.

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

How to Make New Wood Look Old and Distressed

I love to make new wood look old. It's very rewarding, not so difficult and a great way to get out some of your frustrations!

Gene and I tiled 2 of our kitchen walls and I had the idea to band the top of those walls with an old faux beam. He picked up some pine and I got banging!

Supplies: chisel, screwdrivers, hammer, chain, screw, nail, BBQ lighter or blow torch, wood stain and rag
1. Gather your supplies
2. Chisel out some chunks of wood. Small and large. You can do this along the edge, in the middle or both. Space it out.
3. I used a heavy chain and just banged it onto the wood. You can also create this effect with a hammer.
4. I wanted to create a Woodworm effect. I did this by lightly hammering in the tip of a screw (or nail) to create holes.
5. To create a more realistic Woodworm effect, I grouped the holes.
6. Using the edge of a flat head screwdriver, scrape the wood in an up and down motion. Try doing this against the grain.
7. This effect was created with a Phillips head screwdriver.
8. With a blow torch or BBQ lighter, lightly burn some of the areas of the wood. This will add a nice dark color to certain spots. Don't overdo it.
9. Once you've finished banging up your wood, it's time to stain. I applied Minwax Walnut stain with a soft rag. Let it dry before hanging.

Once the stain is applied, all the marks are revealed. I'm very happy with the results.

Tuesday, July 7, 2015

How to Paint a Staircase Black & White - Before and After Staircase

This was a big project, but so rewarding. My stairs were gray and damaged - I knew I had to do something with them! They weren't in the best condition to strip, so I decided to paint them.

Prep your stairs by sanding them with 100 grit sandpaper. Depending on the condition of your staircase, you may need a finer or rougher grit. 

I needed to repair some areas of the steps. There was a huge gap, so I filled it with caulk saver, mixed up some Bondo, spread it on with a scraper, let dry and then sanded it smooth and level.

Prime the steps, risers and railing. Let dry completely.

I used Valspar Latex Porch & Floor Paint I purchased at Lowe's in black and white.

I painted each riser white, then moved on to painting every other step black. This is very helpful if you have to use your staircase during your project. You'll get some great exercise if you have to go upstairs!

Here's a tip. If you're painting your steps black, use a black Sharpie Permanent Marker to create a straight edge and paint to that edge. Yes, you could tape it off, but I don't have the patience for that. Paint all edges first, then fill in the center of each step.

Now go back and paint the other steps. I used two coats of each color.

My stairway to heaven...