Mirrors, Mirrors on the Wall
I wanted to do something fun to the wall where my desk sits. Paint it? Maybe wallpaper it? I decided to mirror it. I love the way it came out! Here are some before and after pics.

I Like My Coffee Light

Got a few of these burlap coffee bags from a Roaster and decided to make some lampshades out of them.

Because I Felt Like it
A couple of laptop covers, a sunglass case and scarf I made out of inexpensive felt. So easy to cut and sew. I find leaves and flowers are the easiest patterns to create.

I thought about using a blue felt for the cover but my cat, Lulu was having so much fun!

I made this felt sunglass case by hand, but it would go much faster if you did it by machine. I used a simple straight stitch to sew the leaves on, some french knots and a blanket stitch to sew it together. What's fun about making leaves is that you can cut them freehand, you really don't need a pattern. I added a bright red felt lining. I like using bright colors for items that go into my handbag...they're much easier to find!


Take Cover and Switch it Up
A light switch cover in my house is just a blank canvas for me. I have to cover it! Here are some ideas to jazz up yours. You can use papier mache, mosaic tiles, even copper foil . Try covering one in leftover wallpaper or even a page from a magazine!

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