Thursday, June 18, 2015

How to Make Decorative 3d Paper Stars

This is a perfect craft for your Fourth of July festivities! They'll brighten up any party.

--> 1.     Gather your supplies: Decorative paper in 6 inch squares, scissor, pencil and glue. Optional: string

2.     • With decorative side of paper facing up, fold in half, turn, and then fold in half again
• Turn over
• Fold into triangle, open up, fold the other side into a triangle and open up
• Now, tuck the scored folds into a 4 pointed star. This can take a bit of skill, but you’ll get there!

3.     Turn over and mark 1 ¼” from the straight side edge into center. Do this on all 4 sides, then cut up to that dot on all four sides.

4.     Fold flaps into center

5.   Place a bit of glue on one side of each flap

6.     Fold flaps over to adhere. Do this to both stars.

7-8. OPTIONAL. If you want to hang your star, place a piece of string on one of the flaps before folding over.

9. Now place some glue on the back of one star

10. Glue the other star to it, holding it in place for a bit.