Monday, October 29, 2012

Carving Out Time for Halloween

Just wanted to share this year's pix with you. I believe this is the 9th year I'm carving pumpkins with these beautiful children (only 3yrs with Ethan). They're getting old enough to carve them themselves, so me, Karen and Andrea take that time to catch up, drink wine and eat pizza. Love it!
Ethan is curious

Look at his cute face!

Ethan, Alexander and a Magnolia cupcake-faced Thomas

The Witches of Westside

Friday, October 12, 2012

Vivi as a Viking Princess

My niece Olivia wanted me to make her Halloween costume this year. I was honored. So, the day of the project there was not a fabric store in sight or at least not close enough. What to do? My sister Cookie had the idea of finding a shower curtain for the skirt and top. We decided on an inexpensive gold curtain for the skirt, some gold ribbon for trim, a curtain valance for the cape that was on sale...after 75% off, it was 25¢. We raided her moms closet and found a perfect top and necklace. We purchased long white gloves and embellished them with some fake fur and some bling. We purchased a gold crown & embellished that too with some rhinestones. I made the horns out of white cardboard.

We didn't feel like bringing the sewing machine out so we glue gunned and safety pinned everything! Olivia added her own touches with some glitter glue. We glued some feathers to a fabric rose that we ripped off of a cosmetic bag and pinned that to the back of the cape. Sorry these pictures aren't the greatest....but you get the idea. Olivia is excited to go trick or treating.

She's happy now that she has her fire poker...

back of cape