DIY: How to make a Cupcake Wrapper Holiday Wreath

This holiday cupcake wrapper wreath is a great kid's craft, so easy and fun. Be sure to hang it inside to protect it from the weather.

Supplies Needed:

• Approximately 36 green cupcake wrappers for a 16" circle (a combination of foil and paper look best and add some nice dimension and color)
• 5 mini red foil cupcake wrappers
• Foam core (cardboard or a styrofoam wreath will work too!)
• 1 large plate, 1 smaller plate
• Pencil
• Craft Knife
• Glue Gun
• Bow
• Velcro or sticky back tape for hanging

I used a large plate to draw a circle on my foam core, then placed a smaller plate in center and traced around that. You want to have at least a 2 inch surface to glue your wrappers to. Cut out your wreath template with a craft knife.

Flatten out your cupcake liners, then pinch them in the middle to scrunch them up.
You'll need about 36-40 green cupcake liners.
Place some glue on the back side of your liners and start pressing them onto your foam core circle. Layer as you go, alternating colors.

Scrunch up your red cupcake wrappers for your "berries". Glue on top of wreath in about 5 spots.

facci designs holiday cupcake wrapper wreath

This wreath is so lightweight, you can practically tape it to a wall. I added sticky-back velcro tape to mine. Add a bow to top it off!

DIY: How to Create Images within your Paper Snowflakes

Here are the steps to creating your own paper snowflakes, which are great to use to decorate a dessert table or just add some wintery fun to your home.

 Below are the basic folding steps to create any snowflake.

Now that you have your basic shape, it's time to draw your design. For the first snowflake, I chose a cupcake pattern. Remember, anything you draw on the folded edge will be mirrored. So if you draw half a cupcake, you’ll get a whole cupcake when you unfold your snowflake.

Cut out your shapes. A sharp scissor and lightweight paper work great. You could also use a craft knife to get more detailed.

 Notice the cupcakes?

Above I show you how to create a heart and a tree within your snowflake.

Let it snow! Start with some simple designs and see where the scissors take you.

DIY: Create a Twinkling Twig Candle Holder
Simple DIY Twinkling Twig Candle Holder

Here's a simple and festive DIY candle holder project.

1. Gather your twigs, I used Forsythia branches. 2. Cut them into smaller pieces. 3. Coat with Mod Podge. 4. Sprinkle on your glitter. 5 and 6. Cut off the top of your white cup, leaving about 1/2"of the bottom. 7. Apply white glue or use a glue gun, and press your glittered branches into the glue. Let dry, insert your candle and enjoy the twinkling glow.

Closeup of Glittered Branches

DIY: Create your Own Graffiti-Inspired Nails

I love creating my own nail decals. I find it so rewarding, so much fun and so economical. Try it for yourself.

1. Gather your supplies: a piece of plastic, 2 colors of nail polish, a scissor, a cuticle tool and clear nail polish.
2. Brush your first color onto the plastic.
3. With the tip of your cuticle tool or the end of a paint brush or pencil, make some "squiggles" onto your polish to create your pattern.
4 & 5. While your first color is still a bit tacky, cover it with 2 coats of your second color.
6. Once completely dry (overnight is best), with the tip of your scissor or tool, lift off a corner so it's easier to peel off.
7. Gently peel your decal off the plastic.
8. This is what it will look like
9. Cut your decal into smaller pieces.
10. Prep your nails with a coat of your second color. While still tacky, apply your decals.
11. Trim off the tops.
12. Clean up the edges with your cuticle tool and coat your nails with clear nail polish to seal your decals.

DIY: How to Make 3D Paper Stars

This is a perfect craft for your Fourth of July festivities! They'll brighten up any party.

--> 1.     Gather your supplies: Decorative paper in 6 inch squares, scissor, pencil and glue. Optional: string

2.     • With decorative side of paper facing up, fold in half, turn, and then fold in half again
• Turn over
• Fold into triangle, open up, fold the other side into a triangle and open up
• Now, tuck the scored folds into a 4 pointed star. This can take a bit of skill, but you’ll get there!

3.     Turn over and mark 1 ¼” from the straight side edge into center. Do this on all 4 sides, then cut up to that dot on all four sides.

4.     Fold flaps into center

5.   Place a bit of glue on one side of each flap

6.     Fold flaps over to adhere. Do this to both stars.

7-8. OPTIONAL. If you want to hang your star, place a piece of string on one of the flaps before folding over.

9. Now place some glue on the back of one star

10. Glue the other star to it, holding it in place for a bit.

DIY: How to Make New Wood Look Old

I love to make new wood look old. It's very rewarding, not so difficult and a great way to get out some of your frustrations!

Gene and I tiled 2 of our kitchen walls and I had the idea to band the top of those walls with an old faux beam. He picked up some pine and I got banging!

Supplies: chisel, screwdrivers, hammer, chain, screw, nail, BBQ lighter or blow torch, wood stain and rag
1. Gather your supplies
2. Chisel out some chunks of wood. Small and large. You can do this along the edge, in the middle or both. Space it out.
3. I used a heavy chain and just banged it onto the wood. You can also create this effect with a hammer.
4. I wanted to create a Woodworm effect. I did this by lightly hammering in the tip of a screw (or nail) to create holes.
5. To create a more realistic Woodworm effect, I grouped the holes.
6. Using the edge of a flat head screwdriver, scrape the wood in an up and down motion. Try doing this against the grain.
7. This effect was created with a Phillips head screwdriver.
8. With a blow torch or BBQ lighter, lightly burn some of the areas of the wood. This will add a nice dark color to certain spots. Don't overdo it.
9. Once you've finished banging up your wood, it's time to stain. I applied Minwax Walnut stain with a soft rag. Let it dry before hanging.

Once the stain is applied, all the marks are revealed. I'm very happy with the results.

DIY: How to Make a Cute Chalk cloth Memo Board

I have this huge roll of chalk cloth I purchased years ago, so I'm always trying to find new ways to use it.

This is a simple project I created with some things around my house. This would make a cute back to school project as well.

Facci Designs Chalk Cloth Memo Frame

1. Gather your supplies: Chalk cloth, wood frame, chalk, string, tape, scissor, tack, pencil
2. Remove the glass and the cardboard backing from the picture frame, place the glass onto your chalk cloth and trace around the glass.
3. Cut out your chalk cloth
4. Before you write on your chalk cloth, you have to prep it. Do this by running your chalk back and forth, up and down on the cloth. Remove with a clean cloth. It's now ready to use.
5. Tape your cloth around the edges to the piece of glass. (Chalk cloth faces out)
6. With the chalk cloth facing out, place the glass back into your frame. Put the cardboard backing back in the frame to secure glass.
7. Tie a piece of string around your chalk. Make sure string is long enough for you to grab and write.
8. Press a tack into the corner of the frame This frame happened to have a space, so I just placed it in there. Tie other end of string to tack.
Hang your frame on a wall or place on a tabletop.

DIY Pine Cone Jewelry

Ah, pine cones. Nature provides us with so many sizes and shapes that crafting with pine cones are fun and easy. You can make wreaths, garland, pine cone trees, fire starters, ornaments, place cards, decorations and more.

I've made frames and candle holders but I wanted to try making jewelry with the tiny ones I find all over my property. I'm not saying this is the kind of jewelry that will last forever, but it sure is fun for the holidays.


Brush your pine cone with the glue/adhesive size, let dry a bit, but keep tacky. Tear off a piece of gold leaf and drop your pine cone right onto it. Roll it in the gold leaf and tap it into and around the scales. Let sit for a bit and then brush off any excess leaf.

I used about 24 inches of string for my necklace. At about 12 inches, I wrapped the cord around the base of the pine cone making sure it gets into the "scales" and tied a knot. I embellished my necklace with beads and mini tassels. These would make great earrings as well. Your pine cone jewelry would probably last longer if you give it a coat of clear nail polish or clear spray.

Hope your friends will be pining over your new necklace this holiday season.

DIY Holiday Shadowbox

A shadow box is a "deep frame" that's used for displaying 3D items...mostly mementos. I made this one to celebrate the holidays.

Here are the supplies you'll need:
I used a wood box I had on hand, separated the two pieces and worked with just the lid. I painted the lid white, printed out the background art and glued that to the inside. I added some glue to the outside rim of the box and sprinkled on some white glitter.

I made the trees with green fabric, but green paper would work too.

I then added some white paint to the tops of the trees, brushed the trees with glue and sprinkled on some green glitter. I love how they sparkle.

For the wreath, I cut out a circle with the pinking shears, added green glitter, glued on a bow and adhered that to the top of the box.

I lightly hammered the nails into the sides of the lid and strung my gold thread across. I cut out my banner message and folded each one over the gold thread. A bit of glue holds them in place.

Add your cotton to the bottom, glue down your trees and your deer. I embellished him with a little gold is after all, the holidays.

Hang it on a wall or place it on a shelf. Create one every year and make sure to date the back! I believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, this will be a keepsake.

Happy Holidays!DIY Twinkling Twig Candle Holder
Simple DIY Twinkling Twig Candle Holder
Here's a simple and festive DIY candle holder project.

1. Gather your twigs, I used Forsythia branches. 2. Cut them into smaller pieces. 3. Coat with Mod Podge. 4. Sprinkle on your glitter. 5 and 6. Cut off the top of your white cup, leaving about 1/2"of the bottom. 7. Apply white glue or use a glue gun, and press your glittered branches into the glue. Let dry, insert your candle and enjoy the twinkling glow.

Out of This World Papier Mache Project
Here are my DIY tips for creating the papier mache planets…Keep in mind that this is quite a labor-intensive DIY project!
I gathered an assortment of round balloons
I then created my papier mache mixture by mixing flour and water
I dipped strips of newspaper into the flour mixture
I applied three layers of strips to each balloon, allowing each layer to dry in between
On a damp day, this helped speed up the drying process

A closeup of the wet papier mache
Once dry, I painted each planet with a coat of white primer before applying the color. Then they dry again.. Rest the planets on flower pots!
I used acrylic paints. The colors are easy to mix and they clean up easily with water.

The first layer of color. Then more drying time. I also added a wire "hoop" to each planet so I could hang them.
A closeup of Neptune and Venus. With two coats of base color, a second darker or lighter color is sponged on to bring out the texture. A gloss coat is then sprayed on to give the planets some shine and protection.
The eight planets!

Feel free to email me at with any questions

Click Here for How-To Video

Paper Roses

I wanted to try my hand at making papier mache jewelry. I Googled and found alot of papier mache beads but nothing like I had in mind. I've dabbled in jewelry-making for so long, so I thought I would use some of the techniques and supplies I've accumulated over the years. These 5 petal flowers were my first attempt at making a pin or with a ribbon attached to it, they would make great napkin ring holders!

I cut the each petal out of a file folder and starting applying a few layers of newspaper dipped in papier mache mixture.

I let them dry and then assembled the flower with the help of some tape. I then applied more layers of  papier mache.

I let them dry and then added a thin layer of Celluclay to give it some texture, added a small mound to the middle and pressed in a cubic zirconia for some "bling". I painted them white, then a mixture of colors ranging from red, silver to gold...I couldn't make up my mind. But that's the fun part of these projects, when you wipe away some of the paint, you never know what your end result will be. But, I'm pretty happy with my flowers. Next time I make them, I might not add as much celluclay and just go with a smoother texture.

Paper Jewelry
Here is more papier mache jewelry. I used Celluclay (a papier mache pulp) and pressed it into a mold.

I only wanted to use a portion of the design. I let it dry, trimmed it and sanded it into shape.

I attached some wire to the back to make some loops, carved a hole in the center and inserted a cubic zirconia to add some glimmer and sparkle. Painted it gold and attached it to some chain. Jewelry at a fraction of the cost.

Here are some rings I made. Kinda funky,  first time doing it!


  1. I really like your planets. I am an art teacher, and I am about to start to create planets with my gr. 4 students. I have 3 questions, What kind of hooks did you use and at what stage did you apply them? and where did you purchase round ballons?

  2. Hi there, sorry, just saw this comment. I just used paper clips because they bend easily to make a hook, I applied them when the planets were dry and before they were painted. I did have to papier mache over the hole after they were inserted. I got the balloons at my local card store. Hope this helps and good luck!

  3. Hi Linda.I would love to make the paper mache planets for my son's birthday.You mention that u applied the hook.Can you tell me exactly how.
    Also you seem to have shades of color on some of the balloons.Did that just happen naturally or did you have to shade it?
    Lastly,It is okay to use plastic balls instead of balloons for the planets?

  4. Hi, I just used paper clips because they bend easily to make a hook, I applied them when the planets were dry and before they were painted. I did have to papier mache over the hole after they were inserted.

    Because the surface is not smooth, the shading kind of happens when you rub paint off or then rub more paint on.

    Plastic balls will be heavy but you won't have to put that many layers of paper on. Hope I answered your questions

  5. Hey Linda! I really love the papier mache planets and I've been wanting to do this project for my room for a while. My question, however, is approximately how long did it take you to do this?

  6. Thank you. It took me an entire weekend, but I had a tight deadline. Give yourself a week and have fun!!

  7. how did you get the ring around the planet and what did you use?

  8. I used foam core and covered it with sparkly paper. I attached clear fish line to 3 areas of the ring and hooked the lines to the top of the planet hook, so it appeared to be floating.

  9. I am going to attempt this with my daughter. Would you please share your most successful papier mache recipe, I haven't done it in ages and there are a ton, some heated, some with glue etc. Thanks!

  10. Fantastic! It's a lot of fun. It literally is just flour and tap water, stirred to the consistency of a light pancake batter. You could add a bit of white glue in it if you want but I find this works the best for this type of papier mache. Good luck and share your photos if you can!

  11. what are the measurements of the flour and water that you use and how did you get the effect from the paint

  12. Hi, I really can't say exact, but it should feel a little wetter than pancake batter. The painted effect comes from painting a few layers of different shades and then lightly rubbing the paint off with a damp sponge. The papier mache surface adds to the effect.

  13. Hi I'm wondering how exactly you inserted the paper clips? I had a friend that made some and she popped her balloons. lol Did you just thread the paper clip through the planet and then Immediately covered it with more paper mache?

  14. Hi Sierra, You can insert the paper clip when the balloons are dry, and then add a little more "paste" to adhere. you can use wire too. You could make 2 small holes and kind of loop through...might be a better option

  15. Hi Linda,
    I was wondering how long the balloons last before they deflate (if they deflate)

  16. The balloons don't last very long, almost as long as it takes for the piece to dry

  17. Fantastic effort - thank you for sharing. Now you've given me more work to do before school goes back so that I can get these ready for my classroom.

    I only hope mine end up looking as good as yours.

  18. HI Linda,
    I have been trying to find a knitted felted pattern for a moose. Do you have a pattern for the one you made that you would be willing to share or perhaps know where I might find one? I appreciate any info you can provide thank you. Love your stuff- very talented

  19. Hi Jeannette, Unfortunately I do not have a pattern. I just looked at a ton of pictures online. Good luck and thank you for visiting!

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  21. I really appreciate your efforts. I will definitely try this.

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