Thursday, December 3, 2015

Creating Art and Zen with an Enso Board

During these hectic holidays, de-stressing is something many people need to do more of. With Enso, by Buddha Board, you can achieve this! Buddha Board is inspired by the Zen idea of living in the moment. Enso is a cool reusable board you can paint on with a water brush. As the water slowly evaporates, your art magically disappears allowing you to create a whole new masterpiece.  The simple act of drawing a brush stroke on this board and then watching disappear is so soothing and relaxing. You gotta try it. You can purchase one here

It comes with a refillable water brush that just uses good ole' room temperature water. How simple is that? Now, all you need is some imagination...

The packaging and the board are so sleek looking!
Gently paint on the surface with your water brush and your art appears in bold design
Create flowers, dots, circles, anything you like...
And, then it slowly disappears. Now you're ready for your next masterpiece!

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