Thursday, September 19, 2013

Winner of Fab's Call for Designers Contest 2013

"More than 100 designers from around the globe descended on the Big Apple in May 2013 with the hopes of turning their big idea into the next big thing on FAB. We chose nine innovative designs to produce and sell to our millions of members."  My design was one of them!!!

I garden a decent amount and I somehow always misplace my little shovel to scoop out dirt from a bag or from a hole....well, if you had a pair of WEBBED GARDENING GLOVES, you might not need that little shovel. The webbing allows more dirt to be scooped out and less to fall through your fingers. I presented this to a panel of judges (along with 2 other ideas they almost went with) and my webbed gardening gloves will be produced and sold on sometime next year. They have millions of members...ah, yeah!

I'm feeling the Glove