Tuesday, December 1, 2015

DIY: How to make a cute cupcake wrapper holiday wreath

This holiday cupcake wrapper wreath is a great kid's craft, so easy and fun. Be sure to hang it inside to protect it from the weather.

Supplies Needed:

• Approximately 36 green cupcake wrappers for a 16" circle (a combination of foil and paper look best and add some nice dimension and color)
• 5 mini red foil cupcake wrappers
• Foam core (cardboard or a styrofoam wreath will work too!)
• 1 large plate, 1 smaller plate
• Pencil
• Craft Knife
• Glue Gun
• Bow
• Velcro or sticky back tape for hanging

I used a large plate to draw a circle on my foam core, then placed a smaller plate in center and traced around that. You want to have at least a 2 inch surface to glue your wrappers to. Cut out your wreath template with a craft knife.

Flatten out your cupcake liners, then pinch them in the middle to scrunch them up.
You'll need about 36-40 green cupcake liners.
Place some glue on the back side of your liners and start pressing them onto your foam core circle. Layer as you go, alternating colors.

Scrunch up your red cupcake wrappers for your "berries". Glue on top of wreath in about 5 spots.

facci designs holiday cupcake wrapper wreath

This wreath is so lightweight, you can practically tape it to a wall. I added sticky-back velcro tape to mine. Add a bow to top it off!

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