Wednesday, June 22, 2016

A great handmade gift for a dog lover

Need a gift for a dog lover or a gift for that person who has everything?? A Facci Designs needle felted miniature pet is just the thing.

I recently finished this lil' guy and I just love him...if I say so myself :) When the dogs have unique markings, it makes my job easier and it's more fun for me as well.

You can order a custom dog on my etsy page HERE

Facci Designs Needle Felted Custom Dog makes a great gift!
Facci Designs Needle Felted Custom Dog

Facci Designs Needle Felted Custom Dog
The real deal

Monday, June 13, 2016

Cottage Renovation Update - Checkboard / Diamond Patterned Painted Floor

I took a staycation to work on some projects for the cottage. Like, tiling the kitchen, wallpapering the bathroom with wallpaper I designed :) - I'll post about that another time- and painting a checkerboard pattern on the living room floor. There was already a pattern on the floor which I wasn't a fan of, though in pictures, it might look nice, in person, it was not. Other than the wood wall Gene and I created for our house, this was one of the toughest projects I tackled in awhile.

Here's why: First, the room had to be emptied of all the construction materials and such, I then had to sand the floor on my hands and knees, so the new paint would stick to it (I used a 6" orbital sander), I then had to sweep and clean it before adding one coat of primer, let dry, then painted 2 coats of white porch paint, let dry between each coat, measure out the diamonds so I would have the size diamond I wanted and one full diamond upon entering the cottage, (I am not a math wiz, so this took me a bit to figure out) cut a template so I could trace the pattern on the floor. I then had to mask off the gray diamonds with pricey tape made especially for this type of project. I started to paint them in and while removing that pricey tape, the tape removed the paint as well - revealing the original black pattern, (glad I spent all that money on pricey painter's tape) so I decided to freehand the rest of the diamonds. I painted two coats of gray and added yet another coat of white to the white diamonds. Let dry. I then had to clean the floor before coating it with polyurethane. WHEW!

I'm pretty sure the original black pattern will come through at some point, but I think it'll look cool, well, I hope so.

Stay tuned for more cottage renovation updates! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

Prepping the floor for the paint

Starting to prime, 2 coats of white paint

template, masking off pattern
The finished floor.

Thursday, June 2, 2016

Custom Needle Felted Mini Animals by Facci Designs

I needlefelt many custom dogs and wedding cake toppers but I also get requests for individual animals. Here are some of them. Want me to create a mini animal of your choice? Just check out my Etsy shop and place an order. They make great gifts!
Facci Designs Needle Felted Mini Fox, Hedgehog, Racoon and Bunny

Facci Designs Needle Felted Mini Fox, Hedgehog, Racoon

Facci Designs Needle Felted Mini Skunk
Facci Designs Needle Felted Mini Sloth Follow his friend Sonny @sonny.the.sloth on Instagram 
Facci Designs Needle Felted Mini Fox