Tuesday, August 20, 2013

The Subway Hooker

I never considered myself a germaphobe, but perhaps I've become one. I try hard not to hold onto the subway poles, so I came up with The Subway Hooker.  I'm trying to have it produced by Quirky.com and I need your votes to make it happen. VOTE HERE!

The Subway Hooker is a device you hold and hook onto subway/bus poles to protect your hands from touching the germ-infested poles.

The Problem

These days consumers are very aware of keeping germs at bay and staying healthy. There is antiseptic gel everywhere!

Well, what to do when you ride the subway or bus and have to hold onto the poles that millions, ok, maybe thousands have held onto before you? Thousands that haven't washed their hands, thousands that went to the bathroom and didn't clean up, thousands that have the flu and just sneezed into their hands? You get The Subway Hooker.

The Solution

The Subway Hooker is a device you hold onto and hook onto the poles so you can protect your hands from those nasty germs. This device also allows a rider to stand steady while in transit.

It could be made of a molded plastic, with grips on the inside of the hook and on the handle. It could come in different colors or patterns. The handle may even screw off to hold loose change, a metro card, your favorite lipstick or pepper spray. Perhaps the hook pivots. It could fold into the handle making it more compact. Or maybe it’s a simple hook with a fabric strap. It would be a great souvenir with the city name right on the handle.

People will be saying “Hey, don’t leave home without your Subway Hooker!” “Where can I get a Subway Hooker?” or “How much did you pay for your Subway Hooker?"