Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Entryway Bench and Pillow Project

I purchased this bench for our entryway awhile back. It had a very simple cushion on it and I knew one day, I would give it a makeover. I failed to take a "before" picture, because I got so excited about starting a new project!

I decided on burlap and velvet. I ordered both from fabricwholesaledirect. I loved the idea of combining something rustic and something luxurious...just like my home. I went with a beige colored burlap (but it comes in 12 colors). It's an extremely versatile and durable natural fabric at a great price! The micro velvet is extremely soft and comes in so many colors, it was difficult to choose.

I'm not the best at sewing but I can manage simple projects like curtains, cushions, pillows. :) I decided to try piping for the first time....it was not that easy for me but I'm happy with the results for a first-timer. I found the burlap very easy to sew but the micro velvet can be a bit challenging.


I also made some pillows for the bench. I combined the gold and blue velvet for the larger pillow and backed it with burlap. I also added a burlap trim to the pillow.

I made a smaller pillow and added some texture by removing some of the burlap thread in rows, vertically and horizontally. I cut the velvet into strips and weaved it through the fabric at different lengths to create a criss cross pattern.

Thursday, June 27, 2019

Easy Reupholstered Cushion DIY

 Summer is here and it’s time for a refresh of the back deck of our Airbnb.

I purchased these chairs which came with the beige cushions...hmm, I thought to myself, “This sitting area needs more pizazz and color, plus the fabric it came with was rather flimsy and got dirty fast.

I obviously needed a durable, outdoor fabric and something that can withstand the sun. I found this pretty Ottertax canvas from FabricWholesaleDirect.com. (Don’t let the name of the company fool you, you don’t have to be a huge corporation to buy from them, you can be a weekend crafter like me.)

They had so many fun, vibrant designs to choose from that I had a difficult time picking. But, being that I’m in Woodstock, NY, I thought this floral pattern was perfect...kinda goes with the feel and funkiness of the area and it surely will brighten up that back porch.

This canvas is perfect for outdoor and indoor projects. It features a plastic PVC backing and waterproof coating, making it extremely durable and resilient.

My sewing skills are limited and I didn’t want to spend an entire weekend making cushions with individual panels. So, I decided to wrap the cushion like a present...well, it is kind of a gift to the porch. :)

I removed the old covers and placed the cushion on the fabric, with Cocoa's help, making sure I had enough to cover the front, back and sides...just like wrapping a gift. I folded the fabric over the front of the cushion to the back and then wrapped the sides like a present. I made sure to have enough fabric in the back of the cushion to seal it. I folded the edges of the two side panels under, pinned it in place and removed it from the cushion. I was a little worried that my sewing machine might not be able to handle the fabric, but it easily did. Whew!

Once I had the two sides sewn, how am I going to close it? I’m not very good at zippers so I decided to seal it with very strong velcro...easy!

With some added plants and two bright green pillows, I just love how my deck looks now! Thank you FabricWholesaleDirect.com!

Friday, December 28, 2018

Burlap Lampshade DIY - Facci Designs

I just love the look of a burlap coffee sack lampshade. It's a type of fabric I think can go with just about anything and it's not very expensive to make.

I ordered a lampshade frame from www.lampshade.com. You can get burlap bags online. Here's one place. http://burlapfabric.com

I wrapped newspaper around the frame to make a pattern. Then I laid that pattern onto the fabric. I cut it about an inch larger all around and then pinned it onto the frame.

The burlap bag is sewn together on the sides with a thicker burlap string. I took it apart and used that string to sew the fabric to the lampshade frame. I folded the bottom and top pieces of fabric under and stitched that as well.

Light on!