Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Shutterfly / Martha Stewart Dessert Table Design

Earlier this summer I was so graciously invited to the Shutterfly by Design 2014 townhouse which showcased several rooms all designed with Shutterfly products. I was blown away...who knew Shutterfly produced home decor? When I think of Shutterfly, I think of photo books, but oh, it’s so much more!

After the tour, myself and other bloggers were invited with the Shutterfly and Martha Stewart team to Kevin Sharkey’s home for cocktails and conversation. We were all given an assignment and a budget to design a room or a tablescape with Shutterfly products. My head was spinning! I was so inspired by the many great designs I’d seen at the townhouse, I just couldn’t wait to get started.

I was assigned a tablescape, so I decided to lay out a dessert table in my Woodstock, NY garden.

Now the fun begins: I found some free vintage flower images online and created a stripe pattern—to accompany the floral image. Being a graphic designer, it was easy for me to tweak the image and fit it into specific products. But Shutterfly makes it so easy for anyone. What impressed me the most about Shutterfly is the simplicity, the range of products and options... and the way you can see your product in 3D before placing your order.

Here is a list of what I ordered and how I used it.

Shutterfly Plates: I designed two with the floral pattern and two with the striped pattern. (love these for outdoor entertaining)

Shutterfly Photo cubes: I used these upside down and filled with fruit and utensils. (remember, if you’re going to use a photo cube as a vessel, be sure your design/photo is placed properly)

• Shutterfly Table Runner: I sewed pink pom pom trim to the ends.

• Shutterfly Pillows:
I found some garden quotes and designed a pattern with the floral image. Once I received the pillows, I embellished them with pink pom pom trim. I also embroidered a few of the flowers.

Shutterfly Large Format Decal (sticker): Here I laid out several different things that I would have to cut out by hand. Stickers for my goodie bags, decals for my glasses, product tags I adhered to cardboard tent cards, larger decals I used on a glass container and a wood tray.

Shutterfly Coasters: I designed 2 with stripes and 2 with the floral pattern
Have guests write their names on the Shutterfly decals & they'll never lose their drink again!
Shutterfly Curved Glass Print: I used this as a cookie tray
Shutterfly Flat Glass Print: I used this as a menu. Just use a dry erase marker and it rubs right off.
Shutterfly Metal Print: A cookie tray as well.

Shutterfly Memo Pad Paper: Designed with a faded striped pattern. I used a Martha Stewart circle punch, a glue stick and lightweight string to make simple streamers. I also made paper cones that I filled with cherries...what a cheery way to serve them.

Shutterfly 5x7 Photos: I laid out each one to spell GARDEN PARTY, punched holes in the upper corners and strung onto twine. I even covered the clothespins with some leftover decals. These and the streamers made a nice backdrop for my table and pulled everything together.