Monday, September 21, 2015

DIY: How to paint and distress a piece of furniture

Got these cool old desk for free so I figured I would give it a face lift. Learn how to do it yourself.

Facci Designs Distressed Furniture DIY
1. Gather your supplies:
    Blue paint
    Black paint
    Optional: Wood Filler
    Optional: New Hardware
    Optional: Drill
2. Remove hardware.
3. Lightly sand entire desk with medium grade sandpaper so paint adheres to desk. At this point, if you're going to change the hardware and need new holes, fill the old holes with wood filler, let dry, then sand. You will need to drill a new hole if you are changing the position.
4. Paint entire desk in your base coat color. Let dry. Add a little black paint to sponge and lightly wipe the desk down in long strokes.
5. Wipe off excess or add more for the effect you want. I wanted it just a bit darker, so I didn't add too much paint.
6. Once dry, sand the corners, edges and areas where there would be natural wear and tear. 


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