Friday, January 15, 2016

How I Made My Wood Post Table DIY

When it comes to furnishing my new home, I like to find unique pieces. Often times, I like to make them. From pillows and curtains, to decorative signs and decor, I've made quite a few already. Here's how I made this wood post table:

I like to look for things in nature or things that might've been discarded and try to create something beautiful or useful out of them. I hate wasting anything!

When we designed our wood wall, I made sure to save all the cut-off triangles left over from the boards. Wasn't exactly sure what I would do with them, but knew there was a project waiting for me.

I decided to puzzle them together to create a pattern. I dry-fit them first, then glued in place. They weren't perfect and I was ok with that!

Gene found some old posts on a job site he knew I would love...whattaguy! He cut them down to size, so I could make a small table.

I would use a portion of the patterned wood piece I created to cover the top of the post. I displayed it like this for awhile until I got another idea to add some metal corner brackets to it.

I couldn't find the size I wanted so Gene cut those down to size and drilled some holes.

I must've spent a good half hour at Lowe's trying to figure out what kind of bolts or screws I wanted. I settled on brass, because I thought the contrast would be a bit different than what you usually see. Also, the color went well with the gold chairs it would be placed in between.

Not bad for something that could've been thrown away. Hmm, what can I make next?

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