Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Create Your Own Graffiti-Inspired Nail Decals

I love creating my own nail decals. I find it so rewarding, so much fun and so economical. Try it for yourself.

1. Gather your supplies: a piece of plastic, 2 colors of nail polish, a scissor, a cuticle tool and clear nail polish.
2. Brush your first color onto the plastic.
3. With the tip of your cuticle tool or the end of a paint brush or pencil, make some "squiggles" onto your polish to create your pattern.
4 & 5. While your first color is still a bit tacky, cover it with 2 coats of your second color.
6. Once completely dry (overnight is best), with the tip of your scissor or tool, lift off a corner so it's easier to peel off.
7. Gently peel your decal off the plastic.
8. This is what it will look like
9. Cut your decal into smaller pieces.
10. Prep your nails with a coat of your second color. While still tacky, apply your decals.
11. Trim off the tops.
12. Clean up the edges with your cuticle tool and coat your nails with clear nail polish to seal your decals.

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