Thursday, February 19, 2015

Make Cute St Patrick's Day Shamrock Napkin Ring Holders

Find the gold at the end of the rainbow with these Shamrock Napkin Ring Holders.

• Green felt
• Rainbow, gold or brightly colored ribbon/paper
• Glue
• Scissor
• Gold Glitter
• Card stock or heavy paper
• Pencil and marker

1. Create a template by drawing half a heart onto the folded side of a piece of paper and cut out. 2. Trace your template onto your heavy paper 3 times to create the shape of a Shamrock, draw a stem and cut out. 3. Trace your template onto a piece of felt and cut out. 4. Cut two slits into your Shamrock, wide enough for your ribbon to go through. 5. Cut your ribbon to about 10-12 inches long and place some glue on both ends. 6. Sprinkle your glitter on the glue. Do this to both sides of the ribbon and let dry. 7. Insert one end of your ribbon, from the back of your Shamrock through one slit. 8. Do the same for the other slit, creating a loop on the back of your Shamrock. 9. Place your napkin through the loop and tie a double knot.

Wish all your dinner guests good luck this St. Patrick's Day!

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