Monday, February 9, 2015

Make a Punny Valentine's Day Card

1. Gather your supplies: Card Stock, embroidery thread, needle, piece of tape, red marker, piece of paper. Draw a simple heart onto a piece of paper. This will be your template.
2. Tape your template to your card stock.
3. Following your template, poke your needle around the shape of your heart about 1/8" apart.
4. Remove template.

5. Start to created your pattern. Have fun, there are no rules here. I started with my thread sticking out on the upper left part of the heart.
6. Continue creating your pattern. Go up and down, across, side to side, at an angle...
7. The pattern is coming along. I also left a loose piece of thread on the lower right.
8. With your red marker, create a dot border around your card.
Now in your own handwriting, write above the heart "You Pull at My". You could also write "Heartstrings" below the heart, but I left it off of my card.

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