Saturday, December 8, 2018

Marzipan Candy Picture Frames DIY

Marzipan holds a special place in my heart. My mom is from Stuttgart Germany and as kids we would receive a package from her aunt every Christmas. Marzipan and Gummi bears, advent calendars, chocolate ornaments wrapped in foil and more would be nestled in a pretty box. We were so excited to open the package!

I wanted to make some marzipan candies this year for Christmas. But of course, I wanted to do something different. The internet is filled with mini marzipan fruit DIY's, but couldn't find much else.

I always assumed almond paste was marzipan...but no! Almond paste is used to make marzipan. You can purchase already made marzipan in a tube or make your own.

I decided to make my own marzipan. It's so simple, it's just a combo of almond paste, powdered sugar and corn syrup. (You can find a ton of recipes online.) If you want to die your marzipan with food coloring, do this right before you are ready to make your candy. I found a pretty frame mold, brushed it with cornstarch and pressed the marzipan into the mold. While it was still moist, I trimmed it with an exacto blade. Let the candies dry at least 24 hours before you decorate. If you're going to add some sugar pearls, do this before they dry. Once dry, I dipped some in chocolate, highlighted them with food coloring, brushed some with edible lustre dust and inserted an edible image inside the the entire frame is edible! (Find a bakery that has an edible image printer and ask them to print your images for you). I also used marzipan pieces to help the frames stand up. I "glued" them on with royal icing.

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