Wednesday, April 6, 2016

How to Make Paper Lavender Sprig Pencil Toppers DIY

At first glance, it looks like a pretty bouquet of lavender sitting on your desk, but take a sprig out of the pot and Viola, it's a pencil! For the flower lovers and writers in your life, this pencil topper DIY project makes a great gift...and with Mother's Day just around the corner, why not make one for mom?

In order for the pencils to sit correctly in the container, use shredded paper, moss or even rice on the bottom. For an extra special touch, spritz your flowers with some lavender spray and present the scent as an added gift.

• Wood skewers
• Green floral tape
• Pencils with erasers
• Martha Stewart Fringe scissor and/or regular scissor
• Lavender-colored sheets of construction paper, cut into strips about 1” -1.5” wide by 6” long
• Green construction paper cut into 4” x 1.5” inch strips
• Glue
• Shredded paper or moss
• Small pot or decorative container

1. Gather your supplies
2. Cover your skewer with the floral tape, insert skewer into top of eraser and continue to cover the skewer and pencil making sure to reinforce where they connect with more floral tape.
3. Cut your lavender paper with your fringe scissors or use a regular scissor to cut the fringe. Do not cut to the edge.
4. I cut my paper into smaller pieces at varying lengths and widths.
5. Use your skewer to curl your fringes.
6.  Place some glue on the back of your curled piece, and start to wrap around and down your skewer.
7 . Mix up the 3 colors, in no specific order.
8. Add about 8-10 curls per skewer. “Fluff” out the bottom ones so the lavender looks thicker on the bottom
9. Cut “blades of grass” into your green paper.
10. Place glue on bottom of green paper and wrap around where the skewer and pencil connect.
11. Sharpen your pencils.
12. Prepare your container.

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