Thursday, April 21, 2016

A Tiny Cottage Renovation

So, now that we're settled into our home, it's time to work on the tiny cottage on the property. We're renovating it to be an AirBnB. The house is small, so we have to be smart about the layout. Our plan is to have a Murphy bed and perhaps a pull out sofa for extra sleeping arrangements. We'll keep the furnishings to a minimum.

The bathroom is rather tiny but it has everything you need! I designed my own wallpaper to go into that room, which is very exciting. If you look closely at the Damask pattern, you'll see cute Woodland creatures.

Gene tore away the old deck and is building a new one. I want to make it as cozy as possible so guests want to come back. I hope you come and visit! Stay tuned for more updates.

Here are some Before and In Progress pictures.

Facci Designs Woodland Creatures Pattern "Together in the Woods" available on

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