Monday, December 8, 2014

DIY Pine Cone Jewelry

Ah, pine cones. Nature provides us with so many sizes and shapes that crafting with pine cones are fun and easy. You can make wreaths, garland, pine cone trees, fire starters, ornaments, place cards, decorations and more.

I've made frames and candle holders but I wanted to try making jewelry with the tiny ones I find all over my property. I'm not saying this is the kind of jewelry that will last forever, but it sure is fun for the holidays.


Brush your pine cone with the glue/adhesive size, let dry a bit, but keep tacky. Tear off a piece of gold leaf and drop your pine cone right onto it. Roll it in the gold leaf and tap it into and around the scales. Let sit for a bit and then brush off any excess leaf.

I used about 24 inches of string for my necklace. At about 12 inches, I wrapped the cord around the base of the pine cone making sure it gets into the "scales" and tied a knot. I embellished my necklace with beads and mini tassels. These would make great earrings as well. Your pine cone jewelry would probably last longer if you give it a coat of clear nail polish or clear spray.

Hope your friends will be pining over your new necklace this holiday season.

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