Wednesday, December 3, 2014

A Candy Jar Winter Wonderland Globe

Here's a fun project to do with the kids. Any jar would do but I used a small candy jar with a fancy lid.

Here are the supplies you'll need.

The lid of your jar will become the base of your globe. Place a sticker on the front of the jar and on top (to let some light in) and paint your jar.

While the paint is wet, sprinkle on some glitter. Let dry and carefully peel away stickers. Adhere the pearl trim around the outside of your openings. Glue on your bow or embellishment of choice.

Cut a styrofoam ball in half and place inside lid. Depending on what type of lid it is, you might want to add some fake snow or cotton around to hide the styrofoam. Glue your animal (or a mini Christmas tree!) to the styrofoam (a glue gun might be your best bet here).

Find some background art you like, it could be a photograph or a drawing or use mine! Place in back of jar. I didn't need to glue it, it just stayed in place. Place jar on lid and enjoy!

The jar looks best when it is near a light source.

Happy Holidays!

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