Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Cottage Murphy Bed Redo

Since the guesthouse cottage is so small, we figured a Murphy bed would be the way to go.

I purchased one from my neighbor. She was selling it for a great price and if we only planned to use the hardware, it was still a bargain. Well, that's what we ended up doing. We built a new box and purchased a new mattress.

We used pine boards which I stained with leftover stain, then I wiped a blue paint over them, some darker, some lighter, some mixed with a lighter blue. There really was no plan...I kinda like it that way.

Gene built the cabinet and a nice simple shelf in the back. I chose curtain tie back hardware from Anthropologie for the knobs. I also had the idea to add some pipes on the inside of the cabinet to hang some clothing. With no closet in the small cottage, every space was utilized!

I had just enough wallpaper left over to cover the back wall. The mirror was found on the street and dragged home by me. It just needed a good cleaning. Why would someone throw that away?

Murphy Bed Cabinet

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  1. Having slept there for five days, I can say that it is a beautiful piece of furniture, very functional in a smaller space & very comfortable.