Monday, October 3, 2016

Cottage Bathroom Renovation Finished!

Hi everyone!

Gene and I have had a busy summer working on the cottage rental...which should be ready any day now!

Here are some pictures of the tiny bathroom which is finally finished.

I found an old door on Craig's List that already had mirror in place of the glass panes. Gene and I made it into a sliding door with some cool hardware I purchased online.

The finished bathroom. Small but efficient.

I wanted an animal/nature theme running throughout the cottage so one of my favorite projects was the wallpaper I designed. I created a pattern with tiny animal illustrations in Adobe illustrator and then uploaded it to where it was printed into wallpaper.
Detail of my wallpaper design

We designed and made the cabinet and mirror. Gene built it out of pine and I used one coat of black paint, then sanded the edges to give it a bit of a distressed look. I added an animal knob and hook to continue the animal theme and found some cool retro bathroom hardware for the soap and toothbrush holder.

A foxy knob, a maple syrup pail for a trash can, a bunny hook for your towel, animal printed wallpaper for your viewing pleasure and retro accessories add some whimsy to the bathroom.

I chose a birch tree shower curtain I found on Amazon and the Owl rug is from Anthropologie. You can't go wrong with subway tile in the shower stall and wainscotting on the walls.

Hope you'll book a weekend soon!


  1. Looks great!!!!! Can't wait to see it in person!!!

    1. Oh.....signed it as Reeny... it's Doreen.....

    2. Oh.....signed it as Reeny... it's Doreen.....

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