Monday, May 16, 2016

Shell Stamping DIY Towel & Napkin Craft

I recently demonstrated this shell stamping craft on ABC's The Chew. What a great time I had! (You can view here)

It's a simple project, just perfect for kids this summer. Have them collect some shells on the beach or purchase some at your craft store. The flatter the shell, the better. Try stamping dish towels or cloth napkins, pillow cases or even curtains. Use an old towel, pillow case or scrap of fabric to practice on before committing to your final piece/pattern. I purchased very inexpensive dish towels at Walmart to practice on but then ended up using them instead of the more expensive ones for my finished pieces!

Supplies Needed
• Dish Towels/Napkins
• Fabric Paint - I used Martha Stewart Acrylic Craft Paints, which work on fabric
• Paint Brush
• Shells
• Towel

1. Collect your shells
2. Paint your shell with fabric paint
3. Corals and shades of blue work nicely
4. Don't be shellfish...make sure to add enough paint to your shell
5. Place a folded towel on your work surface. This is for two reasons, you need something soft and cushy so your shells will stamp correctly and also, you don't want your paint to come through your fabric and stain your work surface.
6. Press your shell onto your fabric
7 & 8. Gently lift to reveal your design

Try creating "petals" for a flower pattern; use starfish, or create a "scalloped" edge, like in my top photo. (my favorite look)

Let dry and wash as needed.

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