Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Make your own solid chocolate foil Easter eggs

No Easter basket is complete without those solid milk chocolate foiled eggs we all grew up with. Well, why settle for the small ones? Make an egg-stra big version with a real egg. Use one type of chocolate like dark, milk or tint white chocolate Easter colors. Or try layering the different chocolates! Add sprinkles, crushed nuts or rice cereal...have some fun!

Display in a pretty nest or a simple egg carton.

Facci Designs Large Solid Chocolate Foiled Eggs

Craft knife
Small nail scissor
Foil candy wrappers
Chocolate candy
Plastic sandwich bag
Glass bowl (optional)

1.     Gather your supplies.

2.     Foil candy wrappers can be purchased online or in craft stores.

3.     Hollow out your real egg. With your craft blade, make a small opening at the bottom and then with a nail scissor, cut a 1/4" hole. Shake out the inside. Clean the egg thoroughly and microwave to kill any bacteria that may be left in the egg.

4.     Tear your foil into small pieces, spread some glue onto your egg and adhere your pieces to your egg.

5.     Melt your chocolate in the microwave or directly in your sandwich bag.

6.     Transfer your chocolate to the plastic bag and snip off the end.

7.     Make sure the holes are big enough to squeeze the chocolate into.

8.     Fill your egg with the melted chocolate and let set.

Crack open and enjoy! If your foils are large enough, then crack open your egg once chocolate has hardened and wrap in foil.

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