Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Creating Images within Your DIY Paper Snowflakes

Here are the steps to creating your own paper snowflakes, which are great to use to decorate a dessert table or just add some wintery fun to your home.

 Below are the basic folding steps to create any snowflake.

Now that you have your basic shape, it's time to draw your design. For the first snowflake, I chose a cupcake pattern. Remember, anything you draw on the folded edge will be mirrored. So if you draw half a cupcake, you’ll get a whole cupcake when you unfold your snowflake.

Cut out your shapes. A sharp scissor and lightweight paper work great. You could also use a craft knife to get more detailed.

 Notice the cupcakes?

Above I show you how to create a heart and a tree within your snowflake.

Let it snow! Start with some simple designs and see where the scissors take you.

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