Monday, July 29, 2013

Toys R Us Lunch Bag designed by Linda Facci

A couple of years ago I had a simple idea for a kids lunch bag. An insulated bag that you can write on and wipe off.

Parents could jot down what’s in their kid’s lunch bag, remind them of an upcoming test, or just write “I Love You”.

Kids could doodle, practice their spelling, play tic-tac-toe or insert their favorite photo or drawing in the clear pocket.

To make a long story short - I was very fortunate to partner with Toys R Us and
I'm proud to announce my lunch bags are being sold in their stores this back-to-school season. They are insulated, have two writable surfaces, a clear pocket flap that protects your kids masterpiece, a marker and a detachable handy felt pouch that doubles as an eraser. They come in a purple/pink animal pattern for girls and a black and white graffiti design for boys.  

So, stop by your local Toys R Us and get your lunch bag now! While supplies last :)
Toys R Us Lunch bag by Facci Designs

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