Tuesday, August 9, 2011

I turned them into a bag!

While rearranging my closet, I came across one of my favorite pair of pants. I put them on … well … they almost fit. I guess working for a bakery has its downfalls! I’ve always loved the color and pattern of these pants, so I couldn’t throw them away or even give them away (they were a bit worn). So, I held on to them for the fabric.

Hmmm … what could I make with them? A couple of throw pillows would be nice, but I have so many. I searched around a bit and found this simple tote bag tutorial – yup, this fabric would be perfect as a bag!


  1. Cute bag! Like how the fringe turned out. It seems like your tote bag link is broken.

  2. thanks. How odd. it worked for me. Here is the link.