Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Featured on LearnVest.com for my Etsy crafts

LearnVest is an online financial planning service that provides expert advice and resources for any budget.  They recently started a new series, “My Fabulous, Money-Making Side Gig,” where they get the skinny on enterprising folks who are getting ahead on their financial goals by burning the midnight oil. I was the first interview in this series. Yippee!

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Monday, February 8, 2016

DIY: Make your own monogram cake or cupcake topper

Need to decorate a cake or a couple of cupcakes? Here's a simple diy project that will add a bit of pizzazz to any dessert.

Letters printed on card stock or drawn freehand
Craft Glue - Glue Gun optional

1. This monogram project could be used to decorate a wedding cake or even cupcakes for your next event. It would make a great centerpiece. You can design and print your own letters on card stock or even draw them freehand. Gather your supplies.

2. Cut out your letters

3. Add some glue to your letter

4. Now spread it evenly along the entire surface of your letter

5. Sprinkle your glitter onto the letter and let dry. Do this to all your letters. Use one color or switch it up and glitter each letter a different color

6. For some extra sparkle, glitter your straws!

7. Using a glue gun or your craft glue, dab a bit onto the back of each letter to adhere to your string. Let dry.

8. Once dry, tie the ends of your string to each straw.

Thursday, January 28, 2016

DIY: 3D Heart Shaped Photo Cupcake Toppers

Create these picture-perfect photo cupcake toppers for your next Valentine’s Day dinner. They make great "place cards” for any special event.

And, not only will your guests be able to identify where they’re sitting, but they'll enjoy them for dessert as well!
Cupcakes courtesy of Magnolia Bakery.

Directions below:

Supplies Needed:
White removable labels or plain paper
Photos printed out about 1.5 x 1.5, three in a row
Heart shaped puncher
Glue Stick - if using plain paper

1. Gather your supplies. Printing your photos on removable labels make it easier to assemble your 3D heart toppers. You can also print on plain paper and use a glue stick to assemble.
2. Cut your photos into strips.
3. Punch out photos with your heart puncher.
4. Punch out 3 photos.
5. Fold each heart in half as shown.
6. Peel off backing for each heart. Adhere your toothpick to center of one heart.
7. Adhere 2nd heart to half of the first heart.
8. Adhere 3rd heart to 1st and 2nd heart creating a 3D heart.

Insert into a yummy cupcake or any other desssert!! Happy Valentine's Day!